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The classic tough as nails platformer Super Meat Boy is back, with a Dr. Fetus twist.

Back in 2010, we fell in love with Super Meat Boy, an indie game that became a classic. And we all know there’s nothing quite as spectacular as guiding an anthropomorphized cube of meat called Meat Boy on his quest to rescue his girlfriend, Bandage Girl. Though the evil stupendous Dr. Fetus would beg to disagree. (He would say killing Meat Boy would be better. Much. Better.)
Dr.Fetus Edits

Finally, Super Meat Dumb Boy gets the Collector’s Edition box of crap it deserves.

This is a game that needs no introduction to be taken off teh interwebz, so we won’t bore you with another review will do our best to desecrate the name of Meat Boy. But Dr. Fetus would like you to know that he’s on your side you will fail because he hates you.

Dr.Fetus Edits
We do admit that this Collector’s Edition was a different process for us to create because of all the interruptions and changes better ideas from Dr. Fetus. Despite the challenges improvements, we will say that we are very proud of this Collector’s Edition this is the dumbest game ever.
Though you may notice the influence from Dr. Fetus on the items, we believe the heart Meat of the game really shines through dies fast with these awesome one-of-kind collectibles Meat Boy killing devices. He may have helped us create the box, but he definitely did not did take over our voice.
Dr.Fetus Edits

Super Meat Boy Collector's Edition influenced by the one and only Dr. Fetus.

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  1. I just reinstated my stupid subscription to get this dumb game… I guess it will look nice sitting next to my crappy signed copy I got years ago. Thank you Dr Dumb Baby Head for making this collectors edition a reality.


    Tell me exactly what’s in the box or I will show everyone these pictures of you and Meat Boy naked together on a polar bear rug from last winter, this is totally not blackmail. P.S. you look like old chewed bubble gum that hobos pick up from under bus stop benches.

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