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Multiplayer games are a huge part of my relationships with friends and family. While my family tends to prefer board games over video games, we always have a blast when we plug in the (original) Wii and jam out to some classic rock in Guitar Hero, blow up zombies in House of The Dead, or whack each other with foam swords in (the classic) WiiSports. With the holidays coming up, I wanted to put together a collection of games I love playing with friends and family.

Puzzles & Platforms


New Super Mario Bros, Little Big Planet 3, Portal 2, Rayman Legends

Modern platformers are incredibly accessible for gamers of all ages and skill bases. Most have novice-friendly options to allow for progression even if you aren’t doing very well. If you’re playing with children, I’d recommend just about any of Nintendo’s recent lite platformers like Yoshi’s Woolly World or Kirby’s Epic Yarn. If you have a classic Wii or a PC, I’d also recommend you check out the colorful world of LostWinds.

Jolly Cooperation


Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, Diablo III, Mercenary Kings, Overcooked

Cooperative crowd-pleasing games are always a great way to get everyone together in one room. They’re also a great way to experience a world together while working towards the same goal. It was difficult to narrow this down to a small handful, as I think there are a ton of amazing cooperative games out there worth trying. You may already be familiar with chaotic and colorful Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, which was featured in IndieBox last February. I highly recommend picking it up, even if you have already played it. They recently added two additional pilots (now up to 4-players) to an already overcrowded spaceship. See if you can coordinate driving, shooting, shielding, and smashing through space with three your friends.

Familiar Adventures


Lego Star Wars, Telltale’s The Walking Dead, Lego Dimensions

LEGO and Telltale have done an awesome job putting the stories of your favorite movies and TV shows in your hands. Are you a fan of something? Chances are there’s a LEGO game for that. And if they haven’t made a stand-alone title for it, there’s an even better chance you’ll find it within the toys-to-life series Lego Dimensions. While Telltale games aren’t exactly multiplayer, their hallmark decision-making moments tend to keep your audience glued to screen as the story unfolds.

Casual Competition


Ultimate Chicken Horse, #IDARB, Starwhal, Jackbox Party Pack

I love party games. One of my favorites, The Jackbox Party Pack, has been in my life for two years now. They have released two more game packs since I was first introduced to the series. I’m still partial to Drawful, but you can’t go wrong with any of the other collections. If you’e looking for some multiplayer madness, give Ultimate Chicken Horse, #IDARB, Starwhal a try.

There are a ton of other games I wanted to add to this list, so here is a filtered Steam Search of all the top local co-op games.

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Kara Holmes

Born and raised in the tropical land of Florida. I love working with developers, talking to fans, and promoting a growing community.

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