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How do you defeat monochromatic mayhem?

With color.


The world you inhabit is a dull, dark gray. But you, as Hue, have the ability to change it as you please. Like the one-eyed man is king of the blind, the one who wields the “Annular Spectrum” rules over a monochromatic domain.

Using this ring of colors, Hue must navigate through increasingly difficult puzzles and rooms, led only by mysterious characters and letters from his mother. Some of the puzzles are fast paced, while others are methodical and complex. But all of them share the simple beauty of Hue‘s very pleasing visuals, which firmly establishes itself without incorporating the typical pixel art found in most indie platformers. Think of Playdead’s Limbo, but you get to splash it with changing accent colors. Both games share silhouetted protagonists, but Hue showcases how magical it can be when colors contrast against a dark backdrop, while Limbo embraces more of the shadows and darkness.

Challenging, aesthetically pleasing, and strangely relaxing, Hue breathes new life into the puzzle platform genre.

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Mario Giancini

Creator and curator of digital wizardry.