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C-SAR is the host of the gladiator style show, Forced Showdown, in which you battle against hordes of enemies, challenging your way up to the Titans. Each showdown has a never-ending mix of episode formats that change the rules and sprinkle in surprises concocted by C-SAR himself. Strategize with a wide variety of power-up cards, and pair them with the unique strengths and weaknesses of your chosen hero. Slay foes with help from allies like the terrifying puffs, and the fluffy, adorable tyrannosaurus (or maybe it’s the other way around)…

Lest you think you might get bored, the master entertainer C-SAR provides daily challenges, and launches a new season each month! Delight your adoring fans by daring to go up against the most powerful Titans. Lose, and the Resurrector 5,000TM will force you to become a rerun episode.





So don’t miss Forced Showdown – a challenging dungeon crawler with rogue-like and card game elements. Developed by BetaDwarf.

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Former AAA game programmer turned indiethusiastic business duck. Loves anything indie with a great story, sound-related play, or unique gameplay!