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Our mission is to celebrate the best independent games from around the world with high-quality physical products.

We work closely with independent game developers to produce physical boxed releases and create unique merchandise for their games. We are enriching the indie experience and bringing independent games to a growing community of gamers and collectors.

The IndieBox subscription service is your monthly introduction to a new indie game (or a rekindling of love for a classic). Whether you’re a hardcore or casual gamer, we feature a curated selection of indie games, packaged in custom Collector’s Edition boxes, that will reinvent your relationship with the games you love and the people who make them.

And it doesn’t stop there. We are devoted to indie games. While our bread and butter is our monthly box, we also offer services directly to independent developers and charity organizations that can range from custom physical merchandise to product fulfillment and distribution.

IndieBox was founded in March of 2014 out of a living room in Orlando, Florida. The founding team had previously worked together in the games industry and decided it was time to bring the old-school boxed game treatment to modern indie titles to provide a revenue channel previously unavailable to small developers. We’ve been growing and adapting the model ever since.

The first box we made was for Teslagrad in May of 2014. Friends and family helped pack and ship nearly 300 copies of our very first Collector’s Edition. Since then, we have gone from sharing an office space to moving into our own office and warehouse where we design and ship products all over the world.

In addition to our monthly subscription service, we also partner with independent game developers and companies such as Humble Bundle to create exclusive merchandise, Kickstarter rewards, and physical ‘retail’ boxes.